bunnyFinding quality health care is one of the most important decisions that you can make for your pet. As we see it, the goal of wellness care is to prevent and treat problems before they become serious.A good vet should be experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and be able to communicate clearly and in a timely manner. At the Amherst Veterinary Clinic, we encourage you to ask questions and tell us any concerns you have about your animal’s condition. We are great listeners, and use our years of experience and insight to treat your pets like the valued family members they are!

teethEvery pet and every owner has unique needs and expectations. Our services include annual exams, protective vaccinations, heartworm prevention, parasite testing and elimination, dental care, minor surgery including spaying and neutering, nutrition advice including weight management and sensitivity diets, and geriatric care.

The yearly physical exam can reveal clues to impending disease states. A twice yearly exam is best for senior pets. Vaccination, parasite control and yearly blood tests for heartworm disease and tick borne infection can help prevent life threatening conditions.

We tailor vaccinations to the individual pet’s lifestyle and life stage. By using the AAHA guidelines and the AAFP guidelines we recommend all dogs and cats receive the core vaccines (DA2PP and Rabies for dogs; FVRCP and Rabies for cats) every three years. Giving other vaccines such as leptospirosis, lyme, bordetella or feline leukemia will depend on the pet’s lifestyle and the likelihood of exposure. It has been shown that the number of adverse reactions from vaccination corresponds with the number of vaccines given at any one time. guineapigTherefore we prefer to spread out vaccinations for those pets that are due for multiple vaccinations, especially for small breed dogs and cats. Some pet owners opt for a blood test that measures the amount of antibody directed against a specific virus such as distempter or Parvovirus.

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What People are Saying

marigold"My husband and I have been bringing our pets to the Amherst Vet Clinic for over 10 years. Dr. Rosseel is easy to talk to and so smart about animals. We feel good about knowing we are getting the best care in a caring place!"

--Sue Y., Belchertown